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Physical Models, 3D Printing, Laser Cutting

Physical Model

Architectural Models

Architectural models are a good way of presenting a 3D version of your architectural design, interior design, or urban design for a better perception of your clients. It makes observers to easily understand your design, There are several important factors that can affect your model. A good selection of materials and proper lighting are the most important factors. Physical Models can be used in a variety of styles. From the designing process, detail designing to final design, Architectural models can be a good way to present the idea of your design. Check out some of our physical models here:

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3D Printing and Laser Cutting

Pars IoCAD is a research group and it is equipped with a digital fabrication laboratory. In our digital fabrication laboratory, we have several industrial machines including FDM 3D printers and non-metal Laser Cutter. In addition, we have an Arduino lab with sensors, boards, actuators, etc.

We offer 3D printing and Laser Cutting services for your prototypes and projects.

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